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Aqua Save Water Dispenser

This compact  machine, ideal for public locations might cost slightly more but gives you the security peace of mind of knowing your collection remains yours. Comes with power indicator LED to indicate  power status in the case of power shortage. 

  • 20 cents for 18 liters/1 min flow of water
  • A/C single phase 230 power required/ 5A MCB. Low powered.
  • Less then 1A power per dispense.No power consumed while idle.
  • Extra security coin volt ideal for high risk public locations
  • Compact design
  • On wall mounted

Aqua Coin Dispenser

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Coin Operated Water Dispenser

This easy to maintain, sturdy, cost effective, full stainless steel water dispenser contains an extra protective door with lock for public areas. This model has a proven track record in most HDB car parks for almost 10 years now.

Inwall Coin Operated Water Dispenser

This faceplate unit is perfect to fit custom make box designs for customers whom require slim fit solutions for areas with space restrictions. Perfect solution for public showers, swimming pools etc.

Cash Card Water Dispenser

This water dispenser developed primaruly for low to medium volume dispensering without requiring phone line at Car Park's Washing Bay supporting payments for additional self-service add on's.

Cash Card and Flash Pay Combi Water Dispenser

This Combi water dispenser with latest NETS technology can be used for water, vacuum and other utilities dispense.