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Long Range Reader for Personnel or Vehicle Access

License plate and vehicle identity recognition play a large role within parking and access control systems, as they provide valuable information as to the identity of vehicles entering the facility. This information can be used for billing purposes, identification and access of permit holders, security alerts for problematic vehicles or enforcement violators. 

Transpeed reader is a long range reader using the 2,45GHz microwave technology. High speed detection and the ability to mount the transreaders directly on to metal surfaces make this system ideal for vehicle identification. It offers multi-credentials reading of up to 12 credentials simultaneously in anti-collision protocol mode. Enclosed in aesthetic design housing and at the same time rugged, sturdy, anti-corrosion and waterproofing. It’s exceptionally compact. It provides optimum perfomance even in hostile, harsh, wet or hot environment that is frequently exposed to harsh elements such as sun, rain, dust and humidity factors.

Application: condominiums, office buildings, private car parks and everythere else where vehicle or personnel identification of up to 8 metres is required.


- fast and reliable identification of up to 8 metres

- 100% hands-free system

- easy to install and service friendly

- rugges enclosure, suitable for outdoor usage

- anti-corrosion, waterproof enclosure

- high speed detection for reliable identification

- audible and visual feedback for easy and safe system 

- excellent reading distance even at tilted angle

- compatible with most existing access control system

- adjustable reading distance

- up to 32 readers cross-linkable

- CE approved