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Semi Electronic Parking System

Semi Electronic Parking Systems (EPS) 

Electronic Parking System (EPS) is a cashless system that uses EPS antenna to read the number of ERP In-Vehicle Unit (IU) at the entry and exit of the carpark.

Upon exit, Drivers have to insert their cash car d or flash their Flashpay card(where applicable) and parking fee is deducted from the Cash Card/ Flashpay. Ez-link or cards in the IU of the vehicle will not be deducted automatically .  This hassle of the driver to manually insert the Cash Card or tap the CEPAS II card onto the payment kiosk allows the entirety implementing the system to save more then half the cost of a Full EPS as the Semi EPS is an estimated $70,000 cheaper then the Full EPS as this does not require the costly Charging Station.

Entry and Exit Operation

Motorist drives the vehicle to the Entry point, the EPS Antenna will pick up the IU number and record it together with the entry date and time. Barrier witll then lift for the vehicle to enter. At the Exit, the EPS Antenna again will pick up the IU number and compare with the database, calculate the parking charges, display onto the Exit Terminal and send instructions for the motorist to make the relevant deduction by manually insetting the cash card  After money deducted, the barrier witll be lifted.