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This ULTRA compact sized WATER-I-VAC provides industrial grade powerful Vacuum & Water dispensing in an all in one car care machine to provide long maintenance free years of a full service wash bay while generating a sustainable revenue stream $1-$2 from per Vacuum usage and 20-40 cents per water usage. Both water and vacuum can be used at the same time. Upon inserting a coin the large respective countdown LCD screen on an attractive bright yellow with designer outdoor sticker visuals gives an unique satisfaction to residences & car owners. Ideal for medium self-service usage locations at condominiums car parks, workshops, public(HDB), and private residential car wash bays. The Water-I-Vac is the most cost effective & power efficient vacuum  and has only 1 motor and 1 filter bag and fits in the centre of any car wash bay or compactly wall mounted. It can either be manually operated or coin operated as shown above.

A water valve with water hose may also be added to enable water dispense functions for the perfect all in car wash bay solution for basic interior and external car care function. 

Ultra thin Intelli Vacuum

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