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Dual Commercial Ultra Power Vacuum with 4 motors

This unit is specially designed for car washes or high traffic places. Regarding to 4 motors (2 on each side) it can be used for 2 cars at the same time. You can also have 2 different claw type at the end of each hose, 1 nosed type and the other claw type.


  • Two motors function per side
  • One shared coin box for easy collections
  • Face plate with 1 Medeco cam lock per side 
  • Four service doors offer easy access to clean-out compartments and 4 filter bag system 
  • Imonex coin acceptors take coins
  • SSAC 220 volt accumulating timers 
  • Plastic clean-out bins included 
  • Hoses: 2” x 15’, swivel cuff and nozzle included (15’, 25’, and 50’ available in 1 1/2” or 2”)
  • Lighted dome available in green, yellow, white, blue, red, and purple

Optional coin mechs, motors, colored hoses, and extra security are available.