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Coin & Cash Acceptors

Ideal for any application that requires acceptances of single currency coin payments. Lowest cost, single type coin acceptor. Able to adjust singly for a variety of coins in different (Currency) thickness, diameter and material. 

  • Accepts old & new Singaopre 20 Cent coin
  • Lowest cost mechanical high quality coin acceptor in the market
  • Zinc die cast operational panel and machinery
  • Anti false coin, anti fishing, and anti-interferance
  • Comes with finger switch and optional non-resettable counter available

For passages of up to 7.6m.

Gard 8 features innovative design features and is the latest in the line of automatic road barriers. It is the ideal solution to control roads and parking areas in industrial and collective settings. It comes in both the 230V and 24V versions.