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Why key and storage management system needed?

If you are dealing with storing keys or personal stuff of big group of people, it's obvious that your keys should be stored in a safe place and used by right person. It's important to control keys and users, track key usage and always have up-to-date information about keys.

What can key and storage management system do:

  • you know exactly where your keys are,
  • you know who is using the key,
  • keep track of usages,
  • define rights for users,
  • add/remove users, cards and keys,
  • users will access the keys only with permission,
  • view reports,
  • manage keys in the several buildings from a central office


  • real time transactions,
  • control access to all cabimets, keys and boxes,
  • scalability - you can select number of key positions you need and extend it upon demand,
  • combine key positions with safety boxes within one system,
  • access is fully monitorable,
  • improves efficiency
  • helps reducing costs and increase security - less lost keys lead to lower expences and higher level of security