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Swimming Pool Showers

The main purpose of swimming pool showers is to rinse chlorine or freshen up . Therefore the operating time of the hot shower is usually less than in other applications, usually between 2.5 - 5 minutes.

The major differences between swimming pools and other amenities is the public nature of showering. All ages of swimmers will use the

showers and children will usually not be supervised. Pool operators are most conscious of the need to protect themselves from court actions claiming negligence. Prevention of scalding is therefore important and is obtained by fitting a hot / cold water mixer valve to the normally hot plumbing. Used in this way no scalding accidents can occur. Further protection is gained by operating the electronic coin timers and solenoid valve on low voltage (see choice of timer) so that electrocution is not possible, even if wiring becomes exposed. Plumbing is usually arranged so that free cold water is available, and that by inserting a coin, without operation of any hot taps, warm water flows. One advantage of this system is that the warm water connection can be made directly to the shower rose. This can permit shower conversions to existing showers without disturbing the tiling. Exposed chrome plumbing carrying warm  water can often run neatly across or down the wall.