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Car & Access Barrier Systems

Carpark Barrier Systems 

Our Barrier systems are the ideal solution if you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, condominiums parking, even when the traffic is heavy. 

CWB Solutions supply, install and maintain full range of quality carpark barrier systems & accessories in Singapore, such as CASHCARD, SEASON EPS, SEMI AND FULL EPS System as well as automatic car park barrier gates, swing arm barriers, intelligent parking systems, parking lot barriers and a complete range of car park accessories.

Should you require an EPS Barrier system or replacement of the broken or spoiled barrier, please contact us for catalogs and a price quote.

We use cost effective approaches such as contact-less or RFID or Season or Semi EPS to operate the barriers since the full EPS systems are very costly to implement and maintain.

You can also choose an online or off-line payment modules here to integrate or contact us for a custom project that we can improve your productivity from. 

We have done standard Installations inclusive of all civil works for many Car parks and buildings in Singapore.

We have also created custom solutions for various industries inclusive of a EPS Plant batching system, Weigh bridge integration with custom hardware requirements as well as localized Software and Network based database software solutions with designer Dashboards.