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Stainless steel Automatic Single Arm Swing Gate


This high quality Stainless steel Automatic Single Arm Swing Gate consists of automatic flap barrier, two/one direction running, access control. Can be modified to meet your specific equirements. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Can work with extreme weather conditions (-30°C - +70°C).

Application: Condominiums, Garden Fence, Residential, School, Community, Financial Institutions.

Functions & Features:

  • Equipment appearance is made of stainless steel plate with cold bending technology, no clearance welding. It is beautiful modeling and rust-proof and durable.
  • The material of the whole case is stainless, and the width is 2mm.

  • Adopted 6 pairs infrared device or light curtain to stop following, distinguishing direction, preventing touch, and alarm function .
  • Humanized status identification can distinguish the status of the equipment operation
  • 5 Adopted the standard electrical interface, this system can integrated many reader of magnetic card, the bar code card, ID card, IC card in this equipment.
  • 6 This system has the emergency measures to ensure the channel unimpeded, for staff evacuation in time.
  • The standard outward electric interface can be connected with many kinds of card readers and realize remote control and management through running the computer.
  • The whole system is running steadily with low noise.
  • If it is in the low temperature area, the equipment will add warming device.