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Remote Control Automatic smooth running Parking Space Barriers


This Steel Remote Control Automatic smooth running Parking Space Barriers   can can prevent the parking space from being occupied by other’s vehicle, and to some extent, it can protect your car vehicle from being stolen.

When your vehicle is arriving parking position, press the down key on the remote controller. The upper part of the parking lock go down to let your car pass through. When your car has left, press up key, then the upper part go up to protect your parking space. When your car is parking in your parking space, let your parking lock go up, it can also protect your from being stolen. It's waterproof and has alarm function.

 Rechargable battery power supply allows to use it for a long time without maintenance. Easy to install and low fault rate.

Application: car parks, MSCP, Industry Building, Condominiums etc.


1. Move up and down, prevent the parking place from being occupied.

2. To some extent, protect the car from being stolen

3 Generous design, solid

4. Intelligent circuit can correct the faulty operation.

5. The board go down automatically as soon as it touch a block while going up.

6. When the board is at lowest position, alarm function will be cancelled.

7. New and lateral semicircular design, seems more elegant