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Automated car parking system for Hotels & residenses

This high quality Automated car vehicle parking management system is a full automated car parking system. Consists of automatic payment machine, entrance parking systems, exit parking systems & barriers. Can be modified to meet your specific equirements.

Suitable for outside use.

Application: Expressway, Sport Clubs, Luxurious Clubhouses, Villas, Hotels, Commercial Premise

System includes:


1, Automatic payment machine.
2, Entrance parking systems
3. Exit parking systems

4, Barriers

1. Automatic payment machine:

The parking selfservice payment machine is used to automatically manage the parking calculation, collection, change and small ticket printing charge of equipment, 24hour continuous operation, placed in indoor, configuration control, intercom and other security components . Car parking administrator

just set fees standard in the system background, preplacement money or a certain number of coins and charge in the chassis, the equipment can run, the payment machine of data via TCP / IP network realtime upload to the server computer for entrance and exit of equipment is also networked to allow access to parking for the determination, the administrator can query back to the parking management software, realtime charging and service providers. In the case of cash or coins will be filled prior to the key take away of the money. Relative to labor costs, due to eliminating human involvement, not only reduces labor costs, but also to avoid the artificial economic loss arising from misuse. Parking lot selfservice model has been developed areas in Europe and widely used.


Overall Dimension : 660 x 660 x 1800mm
Display Modes:14.1 " Touch LCD screen
Data Storage Capacity:8G
Reading Distance: 0 - 10cm
Communication Interface: TCP / IP
Power Voltage: 220V
Power Consumption: 60 W
Operating Temperature: -20°C - 70°C
Storage Temperature: 0°C - 60 °C


Using model (Just placed the payment at any conner of the parking lot)


2, Entrance parking systems

 Entrance Control Technology Parameters:

overall dimension:450 x 320 x 1300mm
display modes :LED 16 X 16 dot matrix
Data storage capacity:8G
Card dispense capacity: 250 - 450 pcs
Reading distance: 0 - 10 cm
Communication interface: TCP / IP
Power voltage: 220V
Power consumption: 60W
operating temperature: -20 °C - 70 °C
storage temperature: - 10 °C - 60 °C


3. Exit parking systems

Powerful & multifunction system with stable performance & excellent operability, practical & waterproof of shape design, long & short distance functions, plus amb technology all make this an elegant, durable, economical & helpful system


overall dimension:450 x 320 x 1300mm
display modes:LED 16 X 16 dot matrix
Data storage capacity: 8G
Reading distance: 0 - 10cm
power voltage: TCP / IP
power voltage: 220V
power consumption: 60W
operating temperature: -20°C - 70°C
storage temperature: -10°C - 60°C


4, Barrier

This machine uses decelerating facility and transmission facility to control the motor and achieve barrier pole’s lifting or lowering, uses relay check the device to achieve horizontal & vertical two ultimate locations’ orientation automatically.


Power voltage: 220V(110V) AC 50HZ
Power Consumption: 180W 220V AC
Barrier pole length: ≤6m
Movement pace: 1.5 - 6s
Working temperature: -40 - 70°C
Protection class:IP44
Material: A3 stainsteel T=2.0mm
Surface handle: Import paint (spray)
Open method: read card, remote control, manual button
Remote control distance: 10-60m
Weight of barrier: 51 kg
Barrier size: 340*280*1160mm