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NICE WIL Parking Barrier Gate

Nice WIL Parking Barrier Gate Operators are technologically advance parking gate operators that require installation by a professional and experienced parking system installer.

Application: private residenses, companies, community clubs

Four versions: Up to 4m (WIL4, WIL4I) Up to 6m (WIL6,WIL6I) Galvanized steel, painted case or AISI 304 (WIL4I, WIL6I) Incorporated control unit, can be removed, making wiring and maintenance easier Easy to install: the bar can be assembled on either the right or left hand side indifferently Easy to balance: linear adjustment of the spring The system will operate during blackout by means of internally fitted, rechargeable batteries. The limit switches for slowing during both opening and closing can be adjusted both mechanically and electronically Speed can be electronically adjusted: WIL4, 3.5 second minimum opening time; WIL6, 5 second opening time Anti-crush safety feature In opening and closing Painted aluminum bar profile: Easy to assemble the signaling lights and pneumatic edge LED signaling lights: Highly efficient and long-lasting Easy to operate, protected key-operated unlock system.